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We are very honored to be able to custom made the exclusive Helmet Trunk for the international driver!!




European retro trunk design furniture, the classical sense of nostalgia,  each piece to made by hand,customers can choice other material and modifications to the size and design,  rose gold mirror steel, dark mirror steel, brushed steel or imitation leather, etc. ⋯ product types include TV cabinets,coffee table,entrance cabinets,shoe cabinets, bedside cabinets, side cabinets, storage boxes etc. ⋯ 

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* Custom-made trunk furniture is all hand-manufactured, so the characteristics have the original beauty of manual production, this is the product features
* Can't be compared with the zero error effect produced by machinery.
* Finished products of steel materials may have slight manufacturing process traces. The finished products are not perfect products.
* The reflection effect produced by the mirror steel product will not be as straight as a mirror, there will be embossed visual effects
*After the buyer and the seller confirm the construction drawing, all details are produced according to their contents. If the product is below the error of 5%, the customer can't return the product or request redo​.
* The whole cannot be separated. Please make a detailed measurement before purchasing. Whether the goods can enter elevators, stairwells, doors, etc.We do not bear the cost of furniture removal, dismantling and assembly costs due to problems such as elevators, stairwells, and doors. At the same time, non-quality issues do not accept return, please be sure to consider all the factors.
* Ordering time is 30-45 days
*Free shipping fee (if special circumstances or extra charges)​

Ordering Process :


擁有獨一無二的 MUSE TRUNK




  • 自選尺寸
  • 自選間格
  • 自選款式
  • 自選面料配搭

  • 玄關櫃/鞋櫃/酒櫃/飾櫃
  • 茶几/角几/床頭櫃/梳妝鏡櫃
  • 電視櫃
  • 床尾櫃
  • 書桌

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